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Fuck Yeah! Daijiro Kato

This blog is a way of remember the Japanese MotoGP rider Daijiro Kato (Saitama, Japan, July 4th, 1976 - Yokkaichi, Japan, April 20, 2003).

About Daijiro here.


setting it up …

Daijiro Kato, Fortuna Gresini-Honda NSR500, 2002 MotoGP Spanish Grand Prix, Jerez de la Frontera

First podium in MotoGP class.

Jerez 2001.

With Tetsuya Harada and Marco Melandri.

Kato and Rossi, Suzuka 99.


the waiting lane …

Daijiro Kato, Nikken RSC-Honda NSR250, 1995 All Japan 250cc championship, Tsukuba

Staff is back for bringing you nice photos :D

Around 2002.

Someone decided that sleep in a bed or in a chair is too mainstream.

The guys of DediKato’s Official Facebook published this photo. Probably from 2002 or 2003, in Portoverde (?). He got a new bike for train and going around.

They decided to published this photo in April 6th (ten years of the crash of Suzuka 2003 who would end up killing him) as saying that they would prefer to remember him happy, like this.

From Mugello 2013, with the introduction of the t-shirt of DediKato 2013.

A somewhat funny photo with Italian rider Marco Melandri (left), who was new in the 250cc class in that time. 2000 year.

Melandri would become one of the rivals of Kato for the title of 2001 year, despite the Italian ended up third, behind of Kato and Tetsuya Harada. Also, Melandri would get his first victory on 250cc class in Sachsenring 2001, after of beat Kato himself in the last moments of the race.

Melandri, finally, would become the Champion of 250cc class in 2002 year.

And, by the way, Melandri… no, Daijiro Kato is not your newest pillow. Thanks.


Today ten years ago that great Daijiro Kato left us, one of my mechanics was his mechanic! #74 (via @AleixEspargaro)

From my personal blog.

The Spanish rider Aleix Espargaró (Power Electronics Aspar Team, MotoGP) wrote this on his twitter account in April 20th, before of the qualifications of the race in COTA.

By the way, did you notice tht the “4” on  Espargaró’s race number on his ‘41’ (who is known that he took it from another Japanese rider, Youichi Ui) was taken from Kato’s 74, even on the detail of the eight-points star?

Maybe I am the only crazy in the world who noticed that, but seems like yes, Aleix admired so much Kato-san to the point of copy him a bit.

Mr. Aleix Espargaró, thanks for honour his memory as deserved!

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